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Established in 2005, SAMSON CONTROLS (PTY) LTD. is a 100% subsidiary of SAMSON AG recognized today as a reliable and responsive supplier of high quality Productsand services.

SAMSON is known as a leading European manufacturer of all different types of control valves, on/off valves and self-operated regulators to the process industries.

SAMSON control valves are found in many plants all over the southern African region.


SAMSON's globe valves can be tailored to the specific control task.

The modular design of our valves enables us to provide a wide variety of valves, such as globe valves, angle valves, three-way valves, in all commonly available sizes, pressure ratings, and materials, with exchangeable trims, bellows seals or insulating sections. Special versions for cryogenic applications and for steam conditioning round off the range. Many of our valve models can be fitted with either a pneumatic or electric actuator.

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SAMSON has been selling self-operated regulators since its foundation in 1907.

They are used where temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and/or flow rate are to be controlled to constant value and where small steady-state errors can be tolerated. A key advantage is that self-operated valves do not need external power or air supplies, making them ideal for hard to reach locations.

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SAMSON LEUSCH’S butterfly valves for demanding control and shut off applications

The triple offset product line includes control and shut-off butterfly valves and special valves to meet customer requirements. On request, all valves are available with soft or metal seat, with low-noise trims and made of special materials. Designed specifically for chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, gas extraction and transport, power plant construction, power supply, solar power stations, seawater desalination, ship building, the pulp and paper industry, oil and gas as well as in offshore technology.

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SAMSON PFEIFFER’S lined valves for corrosion resistant solutions

Lined valves by Pfeiffer combine the excellent mechanical properties of metallic bodies with the corrosion resistance of fluorocarbons, such as PFA and PTFE. The special lining process guarantees tight bonding between the lining and the inside of the body. This effectively prevents the lining from shearing off the body in part or being removed completely. Bellows seals made of special metals, such as titanium or Hastelloy, are available from our well-structured modular valve portfolio as well.

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SAMSON VETEC’S rotary plug for solutions to control tasks

VETEC develops and manufactures rotary plug valves, pneumatic actuators and special valves for industrial applications. For over four decades, VETEC has been creating state-of-the-art solutions for valve control tasks in many different sectors of industry. Oil and gas, petrochemical refineries, large chemical plants, plant engineering, metalworking, pulp and paper, food processing: we offer solutions for controlling gases, vapours, liquids and solid-laden media.

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SAMSON CERA’S ceramic valves and components for demanding applications

CERA offers wear and corrosion resistant ball valves for open / close and control function. The use of ceramic lined valves is sensible in all cases where standard valves reach their limits (abrasion, corrosion, temperature and pressure). A large range of metallic and ceramic materials permits solutions for almost all industrial sectors. Special applications are solved in close cooperation with our customers

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SAMSON RINGO’S valves for high pressure control and on/off applications.

With Control valves, Ball valves, Gate valves, Axial Flow valves & Choke Valves in the portfolio, Ringo is able to provide products for a wide range of application in Nuclear and Oil & Gas applications. Focused on highly engineered products, each designed to our customers specific needs.

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SAMSON’S segmented ball valves for high flow control applications

The straight through flow path of the segmented ball design allows for a very high flow capacity relative to other control valve designs. The segmented ball control valve has several standard options such as temperature extensions, heating jacket, metal sealing trim, soft sealing trim, etc. It can be assembled with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator also offered by the SAMSON group to complete the control valve construction.

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SAMSON’S actuators convert the control signal supplied by automation equipment into a linear or rotary motion used to position the valve

SAMSON develops and manufactures pneumatic linear and rotary actuators as well as electric linear actuators with or without fail-safe action. The electric actuators with process controllers are fitted with a digital controller and combine the functions of the automation equipment and actuator in one device.

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SAMSON’S positioners and ancillary products are designed to work in conjunction with SAMSON actuators or can be used on alternative equipment to ensure consistency across sites and applications.

SAMSON are at the leading edge of positioner and communication technology with a dedicated range of products for linear and rotary actuators along with switch boxes, solenoid valves and other ancillary equipment.

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SAMSON’S Modular systems & solutions’ dedicated team can take your process requirements and engineer, design and construct a solution that meets your needs utilising SAMSON quality products to provide a turnkey solution.

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