Power and energy

Perfect support for a sustainable energy supply

Suitable products for power and energy applications:

Power plants produce the most important "raw material" for a properly functioning economy and society: electricity. SAMSON supplies the necessary control equipment, from simple control valves, high-quality feedwater and minimum flow recirculation valves to steam pressure reducing stations and steam converters. High-pressure and low-pressure bypass stations as well as spray and steam atomizing desuperheaters round off our product range for the power and energy market.

Valve designs include globe, angle, or Z-type bodies in cast or forged versions that can be fitted with either flanges or welding ends. Depending on the specific requirements, the valves can be combined with pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic actuators. Our actuators can be controlled conventionally or equipped with connections for bus technology conforming to HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, or PROFIBUS specifications. Depending on the pressure drop to be handled, single- or multi-stage plugs or perforated plugs combined with fixed restrictors are used.

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